Triangle: Prequel To Soliloquy


Hello People,


Sorry I’ve been gone so long but I’ve found myself focusing so much on writing and also helping others with their writing (of which I’m not qualified) that I’ve been neglecting my supporters so I’m sorry for that. Anyway, here is my next work Triangle which tells the story of how Soliloquy’s Mother Anandra and her father first met.  I really like this story and I hope you do too. From this point on I should be releasing more works  frequently as I have projects I’ve been working on and have yet to release. I’ll update my progress meter.


Thanks so much for your patience and support. Be on the lookout for the Soliloquy Sequel coming this summer.


What have I been up to? A prelude to the huge Update Post

Hello All, Just a quick update on everything that’s going on. I know I haven’t been updating as much as I should but I wanted to thank you all for pushing Soliloquy from 300k or so to #24k in the Amazon Kindle store. It’s also ranked in the top 100 for two categories for theContinue Reading

I’m Going Crazy!

Yes, I said it! I’m losing my damned mind right now.  The book is finally out and I’m headlong into two others. There was an issue with the earlier book that was published so any of you who’ve received the copy of Soliloquy with the broken review like I sincerely apologize. My people worked itContinue Reading